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About Us

We are a very passionate bunch when it comes to our dogs and between us have 10 happy raw fed dogs. We have had a pet shop in Dungarvan Co. Waterford since 2012 Timmy runs the shop Clive and Val run the wholesale side of things and we all collectively look after Rawvolution. We pride ourselves on always sourcing the best product at the best price. 

Canine nutrition is a passion/obsession of mine and my wife Jill is a Certified Canine Behaviour practitioner and she owns another local business called The Dog Lady. We have 6 dogs 2 golden retrievers, 2 Rottweilers and 2 chihuahuas. Their names are Oskar, Sassy, Mavis, Doris, Daisy and Denis. They are all raw fed and are all healthy and happy. Our evenings regularly consist of Jill reading studies or research on canine behaviour and me doing the same with canine nutrition with the dogs relaxing at our feet and it is perfectly normal to have a slow cooker full of chicken feet on the go for bone broth. Isn’t it strange what can become the norm ha-ha.

I opened the pet shop in Dungarvan in 2012 as pet nutrition is a passion of mine. As I studied nutrition it became more clear everyday that there are lots of myths and outdated  beliefs with regard to dogs their behaviour and nutrition.  It’s no coincidence that the rise of kibble fed dogs has the exact same timeline as the rise in canine obesity, diabetes, allergies etc.   dogs are the only species that we are advised to shun fresh food in favour of a commercial mass produced processed food. It just doesn’t ring true so I had to investigate this further. My interest in raw started because one of our retrievers had reoccurring ear infections..... and in desperation we tried raw feeding - and were amazed at the results.  No more ear  infections and improved energy and a completely changed coat.  On Further investigation we changed all our dogs onto raw and our rotties have always been On raw since 8 weeks old And it shows in their coat and musculature.  Almost everyone who puts their dog or cat on raw very quickly realises the benefit and would hate to go back. With all that in mind I contacted Nutriment UK. We have been working with them now for some time and are delighted with the results. We have since added Paleo ridge and Just Natural to our list of suppliers. The most common barrier to feeding raw is the freezer space required so being able to have a high quality food in sealed packaging delivered to your door weekly or monthly solves that issue .  I love selling raw food in the shop because I get to see dogs daily that came in with issues like bad skin or constant ear problems etc and after moving to raw almost seem like different dogs. There’s nothing like seeing  a dog shuffle his or her way into the shop and weeks later see them bouncing in the door full of life or get sent a picture of a dog that always had rawhide treats chewing on a beef rib or chicken foot and the owner telling me how clean the teeth are now. These are the little victories that show me we are doing the right thing by feeding out or cats and dogs raw. 

All of the above is the same across all pets. If its a guinea pig, rabbit, hamster or even a bearded dragon or a budgie for example getting their environment and food right is the key to happy well behaved pets. 

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