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About Timmys Pet Shop

Welcome to Timmy’s Pet Shop, the ultimate destination for all your pet needs!

We have been in the business for over 10 years, in Dungarvan Co. Waterford providing quality and affordable pet supplies to pet owners in the area and nationwide. Timmy has a passion for canine nutrition and aquariums and has studied both extensively. He has multiple dogs and fish tanks at home and is dedicated to providing the best for his customers.

At Timmy’s Pet Shop, we have a wide selection of animals, pet food, and pet accessories. Our team has carefully chosen each item to ensure that you get the best quality and the best prices as well as the greatest variety. We strive for balance between affordability and quality and are renowned for our honesty and our customer service.

We strive to support local businesses and charities as much as we can. Whether it is packaging for frozen orders or bags for our in store customers, we are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint. Our staff, Ciara and Megan, have extensive knowledge of most small pets and we always advocate for a holistic and natural approach first when offering advice.