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Karnlea Organic Pumpkin Powder 100g

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Karnlea Organic Pumpkin Powder 100g


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Our easy to use, 100% natural pumpkin powder is an easy way to keep your dog healthy and happy. It can be used every day or for bouts of stomach upset, diarrhoea, and even help constipation in dogs. Our single ingredient Organic Pumpkin Powder for Dogs has no bulking cheap fillers like fruit powder, which can cause other issues. The only ingredient is pure pumpkin flesh powder.

Organic Pumpkin Powder

Our super premium, 100% natural pumpkin powder is made from the flesh of organic pumpkins.

Karnlea pumpkin powder is Non GMO, Organic, and contains no additives, preservatives or cheap filler ingredients. Added to the diet each day, or when needed, it’s a flexible supplement which is suitable for all ages, breeds, and every feeding type.

Full of vitamins and Minerals

Our Organic Pumpkin Powder for Dogs is full of vitamins, including Vitamins C, A, B2, E, and Iron, Manganese and Beta Carotenes.

Prebiotic Fibre 

It’s also full of prebiotic fibre, which helps heal and soothe the gut, feeding the good bacteria,as well as regulating stools, flatulence and gut health.


This is a versatile whole food supplement that dogs love. Sprinkle on food, mixwith equal parts water or Karnlea Bone Broth for a delicious puree, or mix to pumpkin puree and frozen into moulds for a cooling and tasty treat. Our powder is also great for adding to your home made dog treats.

Diarrhoea Relief

Because pumpkin is rich in healthy fibre, it helps regulate the digestive system, and is especially good for regulating bouts of loose stools or diarrhoea. It can also help enormously with scooting, and anal gland health.


Remarkably, because this product is so gut healthy, it can not only help with diarrhoea, but constipation.


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In stock

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