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Canary Seed 1kg

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Canary Seed 1kg


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SkyGold Canary Seed: A Nutritious Choice for Your Chirpy Companion

Give your canary a taste of the good life with SkyGold Canary Seed! This premium, single-ingredient seed provides your feathered friend with a delicious and nutritious base for a healthy diet.

Here’s what makes SkyGold Canary Seed the perfect choice for your canary:

  • Pure Canary Seed: This single-ingredient food ensures your canary gets 100% of the goodness they crave. Canary seed is a natural source of energy, protein, and essential fatty acids, vital for healthy feather development, strong muscles, and a vibrant song.
  • High Quality & Clean: SkyGold Canary Seed is rigorously cleaned and free of dust, minimizing waste and promoting a clean feeding environment for your bird.
  • Appetizing & Selective Feeding: Canaries can be picky eaters, and SkyGold Canary Seed caters to their natural preference for this well-loved food source.
  • Part of a Balanced Diet: While SkyGold Canary Seed offers a nutritious base, it’s recommended to supplement your canary’s diet with fresh vegetables, fruits, and a high-quality vitamin and mineral mix to ensure they receive all the essential nutrients they need to thrive.

Keep your canary chirping with happiness and vitality with SkyGold Canary Seed. Order yours today!


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In stock

  • FREE Shipping over €60 (regular shipping €8)
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