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DVS Saol Nua Milk Substitute for Orphaned Puppies & Kittens 250g

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DVS Saol Nua Milk Substitute for Orphaned Puppies & Kittens 250g


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SAOLNUA is a complete milk replacement feed for newborn animals and complementary feed for young animals. It contains easily digested animal proteins, a source of energy from fat & carbohydrates, together with a balanced combination of vitamins & trace elements.

SAOLNUA for Female Animals: Fed as a dietary supplement throughout pregnancy and lactation to maintain good health, promote milk production & improve overall condition.

SAOLNUA for Newborn Animals: Suitable for hand rearing newborn animals from the first day of life onwards – used to rare orphan animals or those in large litters and later as a feed supplement.

SAOLNUA for Convalescence: A palatable and easily digestible food to encourage rapid return to good health after illness or surgery.

SAOLNUA for the Ageing Animal: SAOLNUA incorporated in the diet will act as a valuable source of nutrients for animals which have impaired digestion.

SAOLNUA as a Nutritional Supplement: Can be fed as a liquid mixed with most diets. Feed daily throughout animal’s life as a source of essential vitamins & minerals. To be used for target animals only.

Target Species: Puppies & Kittens.

Ingredients: Composition: Milk powder, whey powder, milk protein powder, coconut oil, lactose, calcium carbonate.

Analytical Constituents: Crush Ash 6.6%, Crude Fat 18.0%, Crude Protein 27.4%, Crude Fiber 0.0%, Sodium 0.2%

The simultaneous use of different organic acids or their salts is contraindicated where one or more of them is used at or near the maximum permitted content.


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