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Herbafix Revitalize Supplement 150ml

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Herbafix Revitalize Supplement 150ml


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Revitalize is a supplement for dogs. The liquid supplement contains a high dose of highly absorbable zinc, vitamin B12 and fulvin.


  • Vitamin B12: 75,000 ug/kg
  • Zinc chelate of glycinate: 20,000 mg/kg
  • Fulvin: 10%


  • Revitalize is a supplement for temporary use.
  • Do not give the supplement for more than 12 consecutive weeks. Long-term use may compromise the absorption of other trace elements, such as copper.
  • The recommended amount may be given orally in one go or divided into a number of times per day. Just before, during or after a meal. Instead of administering it orally, it can also be given in addition to food.
  • A tip for those who have a picky eater at home is to add some extra salmon oil to the kibble with Revitalize.
  • The dog’s stool may darken and become harder in consistency during use.


  • The recommended dosage is 0.25 ml per kg body weight. Example for a 20 kg dog, this amounts to 5 ml per day. Do not give for longer than 3 consecutive months.
  • Other dosages, such as the increased dosage of 0.5 ml or the Vit B12 injection replacement dosage of 0.33 ml, are only applicable on the advice of a veterinarian or nutritionist.

When to Use:

  • recurring ear infections
  • low immunity
  • wound healing
  • skin conditions or dry and flaky skin
  • as a supplement during the pregnancy and lactation period
  • for allergies
  • for dog breeds with a genetic zinc deficiency such as Siberian husky
  • for dog breeds with a genetic vitamin B12 deficiency such as Beagle, Border Collie and Australian Shepherd
  • frequent vomiting
  • viral and bacterial infections*
  • diarrhea*
  • eating disorders*
  • after medication that reduces zinc or B12 levels in the body*
  • anemia*
  • white blood cell deficiencies*
  • changes in the bone marrow*
  • muscle weakness, nerve disorders*
  • chronic intestinal infections*
  • stomach infections*
  • pancreatic insufficiency*
  • a B12 deficiency due to Giardia lamblia or other parasites*
  • colon cancer or stomach cancer*
  • to replace a B12 injection*
  • epilepsy, together with antiepileptic drugs*
    * = only on the advice of a veterinarian or nutritionist

Belgian product

  • This supplement was created after extensive scientific research. Revitalize is a completely Belgian product. The preparation of the recipe, the production and the dosing syringes are 100% Belgian.
  • The bottles are GREEN bottles. They are made from plant materials. That makes them recyclable.


  • Functions
    Zinc plays an important role in the immune system, wound healing, reproduction, growth and development, behavior and learning, taste and smell, blood clotting, the function of thyroid hormone and insulin.
  • Intake
    Chelated zinc is better absorbed and does not interact. This means that zinc chelate can be absorbed together with food. Zinc is usually absorbed in the small intestine. During lactation, zinc excretion is increased through breast milk. More than 85% of the body’s total zinc stores are found in skeletal muscle, bone and plasma.
  • The absorption of zinc is negatively affected by a higher absorption of calcium and iron. The absorption of zinc can also be negatively influenced by a genetic effect that occurs, among others, in Siberian huskies.
  • Deficiency
    A zinc deficiency is characterized by chronic digestive problems such as persistent diarrhea, growth retardation in young animals, emaciation in older animals, skin disorders, slow wound healing, hair loss, rough, dry or flaky skin, low insulin levels, anorexia, reduced thyroid function, appetite problems, delayed onset of puberty, diarrhea and nausea, impaired functioning of the immune system, increased susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections, reproductive disorders, organ failure. Zinc deficiency is also associated with abnormal bone formation.

Vitamin B12

  • Intake
    Mammals have developed a complex way of absorption, transport and uptake into cells. The more vitamin B12 we give, the more will be absorbed.
  • Deficiency
    Vitamin B12 is stored in the body, in the liver and kidneys, and can be released into the blood if necessary. In this way, deficiencies only come to light after a while. Clinical effects of deficiencies include anemia, decreased appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, a lack of white blood cells, changes in the bone marrow and neurological consequences such as nerve disorders, coordination disorders, epilepsy and muscle weakness.
  • A vitamin B12 deficiency is often a result of stomach, intestinal and pancreas problems. Deficiencies can also occur due to parasites, giardia lamblia or bacterial overgrowth.


  • Fulvic acid, also called fulvic, is one of the three components of humus. It is regarded as the great transporter of nature. The effect of fulvin on the soil, plants, grasses and crops has been known for some time. Fulvine also has beneficial influences on the health of people and animals. Due to its unique property, Fulvin can penetrate every cell of humans, animals and plants and transports nutrients such as vitamins, herbs, enzymes and supplements to the right cells. Once the nutrients have been delivered, fulvin carries out any end toxins and any heavy metals present in the cells.


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