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Naturlitter paper is an organic paper substrate for the hygiene of small mammals, suitable for disposal by the WC. It is an ecological plant bed suitable for all types of pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, small rodents, cats, birds, ferrets, dogs, etc. Naturlitter paper is made from recycled newspaper paper pellets, completely free of chemicals. The pellets have a small and light size, so it is fully compacted, simulating the natural substrate of the animals and preventing damage to the legs. Naturlitter paper helps repel bacteria or germs and possible fungus formation, thus eliminating possible health problems for your pet. All these aspects make Naturlitter paper an ecological and biodegradable bed thanks to its new ecological formula composed of recycled newspaper paper pellets, natural flavorings, antibacterials and parasite repellent. Naturlitter paper is an ecological and biodegradable product, which can be used as composting. It is a very clean and hygienic substrate, with high absorption capacity and odor neutralizer. dust free to prevent allergy and respiratory problems in the most sensitive animals.


  • 100% Ecological and biodegradable.
  • Clean and hygienic, dust free
  • Repels bacteria and germs, and possible fungal formation.
  • Prevents allergy and respiratory problems in the most sensitive animals.
  • Maximum absorption capacity and odor neutralizer.
  • Recommended by veterinarians.

Composition: 100% natural paper, Recycled newspaper pellets.

Direction of use: Pour a layer of Naturlitter evenly across the floor of the cage. For animals that use corner, fill the container. Change the dirty area regularly and then fill with new product. Store the product in a dry place.

Our Cunipic Paper Bedding comes in a variety of pack sizes:
Small (4L) €4.80
Medium (10L) €10.20
Large (25L) €21.00
XL (45L) €35.00

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Paper Bedding | All Sizes

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