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  • Interpet Prime Gravel Cleaner

This little wonder might just change your life. Keeping your gravel clean can be a hassle, but this star product helps you hoover up waste and debris with very little impact on your fish. Just let the wide inlet foot suck at the debris around the gravel and get to hard-to-reach places easily. The small size is especially good at getting into hard-to reach spaces thanks to it's slim profile. Each cleaner is supplied with its own siphon nose to really get around gravel and keep things looking clean.

And here's a top tip; this multi-tasking marvel is also perfect at helping you perform a partial water change as part of routine maintenance.

• Separate and remove debris from aquarium gravel
• Self-starting siphon means you don't risk of a mouthful of dirty water
• Wide-mouth nozzle for faster cleaning and for hard-to-reach places

Interpet Prime Gravel Cleaner

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