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Oralade | Feline Oral Rehydration + RF Support 330ml

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Oralade | Feline Oral Rehydration + RF Support 330ml


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Oralade® RF Support is a highly palatable ready-to-serve isotonic formula, providing microenteral nutrition and oral rehydration support for cats with acute intestinal absorptive disorders and chronic kidney disease (CKD). RF Support provides a balance of essential electrolytes, simple sugars and restricted levels of high quality protein. Made with a natural chicken flavour and purified water. Help replace the essential fluids, glucose and nutrients your pet needs for recovery. Oralade’s incredible tasting formula is the result of a highly hydrolysed 100% natural chicken flavour, making it ideal for use in all carnivorous species with gastrointestinal sensitivities. Our specially formulated unique isotonic ensures rapid absorption of fluid and electrolytes. Perfectly balanced to support optimal hydration in dogs and cats.

  • Made with Purified Water: Cats and Dogs have a higher sense of smell and taste – most tap water sources contain chlorine which may be why you can find it hard to get your cats and dogs to drink lots of water. Oralade is chlorine free.
  • Free from Citrates: Dogs and cats are sensitive to citrus. However most oral rehydration powder solutions contain citric acid which makes them unpalatable. Oralade does not contain citrus ingredients, that’s why animals love it!
  • 100% natural Chicken flavour: Science has proven adding flavour encourages greater fluid consumption, where as plain water can shut down the thirst mechanism early. Oralade is highly palatable for pets even when nauseous, ensuring optimum fluid intake and replenishing essential electrolytes and glucose.
  • NO artificial preservatives: Most complete pet foods contain essential vitamins needed for a healthy diet. Often vitamins have a strong taste in water, which can deter dogs and cats from drinking. Preservatives also have a negative impact on taste. With Oralade we only add whats needed for rehydration and nutritional support.

For when Hydration really matters!

  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Hot Weather
  • Travel
  • Recovery
  • Whelping

Support your pets recovery


Increasing fluid intake will;

  • Improve wash out of waste products
  • Help restore electrolyte balances
  • Maintain hydration and wellbeing
  • Replace fluid loss from concurrent gastrointestinal losses (e.g. intermittent vomiting)

Lower Urinary Tract (LUT)

Assist in recovery and maintenance by;

  • Increasing fluid uptake and thereby increase wash-out of sediments
  • Decrease risk of recurrence
  • Alleviate pain and straining
  • Maintain dilute urine as recommended

Anorexia and Poor Appetite

Encourage increased consumption of any diet;

  • High palatability – can be mixed in both dry and canned diets
  • Improves hydrations status and thereby wellbeing
  • Improves gastrointestinal tract
  • Absorption and barrier function towards bacteria

Encourage cats to drink
Supplementing the diet with extra water, such as RF Support, as a stand-alone drinking solution, through mixing with the diet, or via feeding tubes is a viable option. Palatability studies have demonstrated that RF Support has a higher intake than fresh water.


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In stock

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