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Organic Irish Earth Worms 30g | Live Feeders

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Organic Irish Earth Worms 30g | Live Feeders


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Locally sourced, organic earth worms for fishing, feeding reptiles, amphibians, and aerating the soil in the garden or raised bed. Sourced from Chews Freedom Farm, on the mountain of Knocknanask, in Waterford.

To create a healthy living soil, there is no better creature than a worm. As well as adding aeration to the soil with their burrowing, they also eat any decaying waste and turn it into ‘castings’; rich in nutrients and minerals. Chew’s Freedom Farm specialise in two types of worm: Eisenia Fetida (Red Wriggler) worms are perfect for composting food waste. They are surface dwellers and consume large quantities of waste quickly, leaving an amazing fertilizer behind in the form of worm castings & Dendrobaena worms are chunky worms that are amazing for fishing, feeding reptiles, and aerating the soil in the garden or raised bed.

‘Chews Freedom Farm believes that unfortunate recent events have started the change the planet so drastically needs; from global transportation and use of plastics and oils, to the more serious health and well-being of our society. We feel if anyone needs help or bailing out at the minute, it is the children of this planet. We pledge 10% of all profits to our two local community schools here in Newcastle, Co. Tipperary and Cappoquin, Co. Waterford. As the airlines remind us, we must put our own oxygen masks on first, and the rebuilding of a local, sustainable economy, along with a community-based education system will give the young people of the world a better start.’ – Dave, Chews Freedom Farm

Using a combination of insulation and careful packaging/shipping, we will always ensure your feeder bugs leave our store in healthy, safe condition. Any deaths must be reported on the day of delivery, with picture proof of deceased. Thank you!



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