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Parrot Forage Tube 60cm

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Parrot Forage Tube 60cm

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Parrot forage tube made of ratten stuffed with paper material.  Designed to provide foraging opportunities for parrots. It typically features a hollow tube or basket shape, with small openings or holes on the sides for the bird to reach inside and retrieve food or treats.

The forage tube is designed to encourage parrots to use their natural foraging instincts, as they have to use their problem-solving skills to extract food or treats from the inside of the tube. It can also help to keep the bird’s beak and mind occupied, reducing boredom and feather picking.

It’s important to fill the tube with a variety of food items, such as seeds, nuts, fruits, or vegetables, to keep the bird interested in foraging. And also make sure that the tube is securely mounted, as parrots can be very playful and destructive, and a loose or unstable tube may present a safety hazard.


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