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SKU: GL1700

Hand Sanitiser 250ml


Hygienic Hand Sanitiser, hard on germs yet gentle on hands. Use regularly to help reduce the risk of infection and viruses. Apply directly to hands. Massage over hands and wrists, ensuring to do so until hands are completely dry. 70% Alcohol.

Please note – Due to a shortage of bottles and closures, your order might not arrive exactly as per the photo. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM SUPPLIER – Due to the current increase in the cost of RAW MATERIALS the price of this product has been significantly increased. We are not profiteering from the manufacture of Hand Sanitiser. We are providing a service for people willing to pay the increased price. If you are not happy about the price, please do not order. The cost price of RAW MATERIALS is FLUCTUATING each time we receive new material into stock. We are not profiteering therefore the RRP will change over the coming weeks. This is something out of our control.

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