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Herbafix Cold Pressed Puppy & Junior

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Herbafix Cold Pressed Puppy & Junior



A GOOD START – PUPPY & JUNIOR with Chicken & Egg

Cold-pressed dog food.
Wheat Gluten Free, Natural Antioxidants, Probiotics

The WHITE ‘Well Started’ puppy food is all about feeling good and the well-being of your puppy or junior .

  • Optimal digestion
  • Good bowel movements
  • With probiotics, cinnamon and liquorice, omega-3, coconut oil
  • Delicious & Natural

Well Started provides that basis that allows your puppy or junior to grow into a beautiful adult dog.

PHILOSOPHY Of This Food: Well Begun Is Half Done!

  • The protein content is adjusted to the optimal growth curve. This gives your puppy’s body the necessary time to develop. The WHITE diet also supports optimal development of muscles and joints.
  • The protein sources are chicken and eggs. Chicken and egg are easily digestible proteins. A high digestibility of proteins is important for good digestion.
  • The right choice of fiber sources contribute to an optimal intestinal flora. We think this is very important because feeling good is strongly determined by the correct composition of the intestinal flora. Furthermore, the right fibers contribute to an optimal development of the digestive system.
  • A puppy and junior dog need a different energy supply than an adult dog. Young dogs play more, sometimes go crazy, are just more active. That is precisely why this food contains an optimal balance of both faster energy-providing ingredients and slower energy-providing ingredients.
  • Enriched with omega-3 from salmon oil, coconut oil, natural anti-oxidants, cinnamon & liquorice.
  • Just like all our Herbafix foods, this food is cold-pressed and free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances and flavours and yet super tasty.

Average analysis: Crude protein: 28%, Crude fat: 16%, Crude fiber: 4.0%, Crude ash: 6.2%, Calcium: 1.2%, Phosphorus: 0.9%

Additives | Nutritional additives: Vit A (3a672a):15000 IU/kg, Vit D3 (3a671):1500 IU/kg, Vit E: 250 IU/kg (3a700), Vit C (3a312): 75 mg/kg, Cu (3b405 ): 7.0 mg/kg, Fe-chelate (3b108): 53 mg/kg, Zn-chelate (3b607): 75 mg/kg, Mn (3b502): 35 mg/kg, I (3b201): 1.5 mg /kg, Se (3b801): 0.45mg/kg. Probiotics: Bacillus Subtilis (4b1820) C-3102 (DSM 15544) 1×10^9

Contains natural antioxidants

Composition: Chicken (dried), unlocked corn, unlocked oatmeal, unlocked whole grain rice, egg powder, beef fat, coconut oil, beet pulp , salmon oil, hemoglobin powder, brewer’s yeast, chondroitin, glucosamine, liquorice, cinnamon, probiotics

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
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12kg, 5kg, 750g

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Customer Reviews


Reliable and fast delivery as always

Reliable and fast delivery as always. High quality product.


Great variety of quality raw food

I used to order raw food from various sellers in the past, but honestly Rawvolution has such a good variety of brands I’ve been buying from them exclusively for a couple of years now. The order always arrives on time and there’s great communication from Timmy.