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Holistic Hound Don’t Bug Me Monthly Spot On


Geraniol based tick and flea repellent and treatment. Geraniol is a colorless or sometimes pale-yellow oily liquid with a sweet rose scent that’s derived from various essential oils. It is one of the few essential oils that’s safe to use with dogs and cats and all other pets. Once applied the geraniol spreads across the skin and sits in the hair follicles

Repels: The geraniol binds with the General Odorant Binding Proteins (GOPBs) in the insects’ antennae or other olfactory sensory organs, disrupting the host odor profile, repelling the insects.

Kills: Geraniol disrupts the insects cell walls and membranes,and acts directly on the insect’s cuticle (called chitin) dehydrating them and subsequently suffocating them. Geraniol does not act on the nervous system of insects, so it does not have a neurotoxic effect on pests or pets!

In addition to repellent and insecticidal properties, Geraniol has also been demonstrated to have antimicrobial properties!

1ml per 5kg of dog weight every 4 weeks. Each pipette holds 1ml
A 10kg dog would therefore get 2ml per dose – 2 pipettes each month.

For an active dog, in and out of water or regularly groomed, in a high risk/wooded area, we would recommend reapplication every 2 weeks, otherwise apply each month

  • Water resistant but not waterproof, so would need re application if a dog swims a lot or is regularly shampooed.
  • Suitable for puppies and kittens
  • Suitable for pregnant/lactating dogs
  • Suitable for cats and other pets, including rabbits, guinnea pigs, hamsters, horses

Ingredients & Directions for Use
Geraniol (1% w/v) in distilled water

50ml amber bottle with a 1ml pipette

Shake bottle until contents are cloudy. Fill pipette completely, part hair and apply directly to the skin from the neck/scruff area down towards base of tail.

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