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Herbafix MCT Oil 500ml

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Herbafix MCT Oil 500ml


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MCT oil for dogs. From coconut oil, 100% pure.

  • As a supplement to the daily diet for puppies, adult dogs or senior dogs
  • Tasty, easy to digest. Supports dogs’ metabolism and immunity.
  • Complementary, as an ideal variation with Salmon Oil & Turmeric as a topping on top of the food.
  • Also perfect to use as an oil for preparations such as dog biscuits. The oil may be heated to 177°C
  • Odorless, colorless oil and yet super tasty

MCT OIL stands for Medium-Chain Triglycerides. The term Medium means the fatty acids have a medium chain length, mainly C6, C8, C10 and C12. MCT oil mainly contains C8 and C10 and is an important component of coconut oil.

MCT oil as a stable energy source for the body

  • The advantage of MCT oil is that it is quickly converted into energy for the body. Long chain fatty acids are more difficult to convert into energy. This means that long chain fatty acids do not have the same properties as MCT oil. Of course, long-chain fatty acids are also important in a complete diet for dogs. They each have their own function.
  • MCTs are transported directly from the stomach to the liver. That is precisely why they provide quick energy to the body and no bile juice is needed to break down the MCTs. Long chain fatty acids can be produced in the body as body fat. This is not the case with MCTs.
  • MCTs also have a positive effect on energy levels. They do this by influencing mitochondria. Mitochondria are ‘energy products’ within cells. These energy producers are not only present in muscle cells, but also in heart and brain cells.

MCT oil helps dogs lose weight

  • When part of the total fat intake is replaced by MCT oil, research shows that the group on MCT oil loses more fat compared to the control group. MCT oil even seems to directly stimulate the fat burning process. This means that body fat itself is broken down during the intake of MCT oil.
  • Another mechanism by which MCT oil contributes to reduced body fat is through increased body heat production. The more body heat is produced, the more calories are burned.
  • MCT oil reduces appetite and feelings of hunger
  • Studies show that MCT oil reduces appetite and feelings of hunger. When you feel full, you will automatically give less. This is an important point for dogs that have unlimited access to food. As well as for dogs that are offered less daily food for their diet than before.
  • MCT oil spares muscle mass during the weight loss period
  • Studies show that dogs given MCT oil during a diet period lose less muscle mass compared to the control group.

MCT oil helps stabilize blood sugar levels

  • A healthy metabolism also means healthy blood sugar regulation. Sugars can be converted into fat. MCT oil increases the chance that sugars are stored in the muscles and therefore not converted into fat mass. For dogs with diabetes, MCT oil also supports sugar metabolism in the long term.
  • MCT oil is also recommended for exercising dogs. Improved insulin function not only means that carbohydrates end up in the right places in the body, but MCT oil also ensures that more muscle mass can be created. Furthermore, MCT oil supports less build-up of lactic acid in the muscles.

MCT oil supports the immune system

  • MCT oil shows good results in the treatment of both bacterial infections and yeast infections.
  • A study with mice shows that for mice on a high fat diet (comparable levels to dogs on a fresh meat diet), MCT oil provides protection against insulin resistance and inflammation.

MCT oil and epilepsy

  • MCTs can be converted into ketones in the body. Studies show that this can reduce the number of epileptic seizures. Another study in rats showed that MCT blocks the receptors in the brain that trigger seizures.
  • To support epilepsy, we at Herbafix recommend the following in terms of nutrition and supplements:
  • Vitality with Lamb cold-pressed food. This food is low in protein and fat percentage
  • Supplement: MCT oil, daily
  • Supplement Revitalize : a concentrated vitamin B12 and zinc supplement, daily

MCT oil is ideal for baking
A rising trend is baking your own dog biscuits. MCT oil is the preferred fat source. MCT oil may be heated at high temperatures. No unhealthy fatty acids are formed when heated. The maximum heating temperature is 177 °C

MCT oil as a care product

  • MCT oil can be used on both the skin and coat. It will moisturize the skin and coat. For example, MCT oil can be used to hydrate dry, flaky skin or to hydrate a dry coat so that it is easier to comb.
  • MCT oil can also be used as a means to brush teeth and gums. It contributes to fresh breath and supports healthy gums.

Dosage orally
dogs < 20 kg: 1 pump per day
dogs >20 kg: 2 pumps per day

100% MCT from coconut oil

Analytical constituents: Moisture: 0.1%, Crude fat: 99.9%, Crude protein: 0%, Raw ash: 0%, Crude fiber: 0%

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Reliable and fast delivery as always

Reliable and fast delivery as always. High quality product.


Great variety of quality raw food

I used to order raw food from various sellers in the past, but honestly Rawvolution has such a good variety of brands I’ve been buying from them exclusively for a couple of years now. The order always arrives on time and there’s great communication from Timmy.