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Tie Out Cable | 3 – 9m


Make your life simple as a dog owner with our tie out cable line with plastic coating. Keep your dog safe and use this heavy duty cable to restrict your dog away from dangerous areas outside. This tie out cable allows you to leave your dog outside safely without any risk of escaping. The tie out is covered with a plastic tube, which makes it easy to clean. Equipped with a carabiner at each end, it’s easy to hook and unhook. Buy multiple lengths and use them throughout your yard.

  • Tie out plastic coated cable is designed to keep your dog safe and secure outside; comes in several different lengths so you can choose the right size for your property or needs
  • Carabiners at both ends make it easy to clip onto stakes, posts, or loop around poles or trees; a brilliant way to keep your dog nearby while also restricting access to keep him safe when you’re working outdoors
  • When dog containment is required, you can count on this tie out cable to get the job done; easy to detach, it’s portable and great for travel
  • Keeps puppies out of places that may be a danger to them; a good idea for dogs who are small enough to fit under gates even if your yard is fenced

Suitable for dogs up to 23kg. 

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