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Vitakraft Amazonian Parrot Food 750g


Vitakraft Amazonian Parrot Food 750g is especially designed for parrots, originally from the South America jungle region, by offering them similar diet from their home habitat. It can provide a full offering as it is enriched in essential nutrients and vitamins. Offer the Vitakraft Amazonian Parrot Food 750g alongside fresh water, fruit and vegetables for a happy parrot.

Ingredients: Grains, seeds, fruits (4% bananas, 4% papayas, 3% mangoes), sugar, vegetables (chilli 1.5%), minerals, oil and fat.

Analysis: Natural proteins 10.6%, crude fat 7.4%, crude fibre 9.5%, natural ash 4%, calcium 0.74%, phosphorus 0.32%.

Vitamins: Vitamin A 8000 IU, vitamin D2 900 IU, vitamin E 50mg, vitamin B1 4mg, vitamin B2 6mg, vitamin B6 6mg, vitamin B12 10mg, biotin 250mg, pantothenic acid 20mg, copper 8mg, iodine 0,4mg.

  • No added sugar
  • No artificial flavourings
  • No artificial colouring or preservatives

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