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Zeus Nosh Strong Chicken Wishbone


Dogs love to chew – it’s a completely natural behavior that relieves boredom, frustration, and even mild anxiety. Zeus NOSH chew bones were developed to provide our loyal canine companions with an appropriate, long-lasting toy that they can gnaw on safely, even for the more destructive chewers. Zeus NOSH chew bones are made of resilient nylon, which is either used pure or mixed in with TPR (thermoplastic rubber) or wood, to create a variety of durable chews that match any dog’s chewing style and strength.

This ergonomic wishbone has three prongs to grip and gnaw. Just like the original Zeus NOSH Strong Chew Bone, the Wishbone is made of durable nylon and satisfies a dog’s natural chewing instinct while helping to alleviate boredom.


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Small – up to 10kg, Medium – 10-20kg, Large – 20kg+

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