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The Tough Chewers Box

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The Tough Chewers Box


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A large selection of all our tough, long-lasting natural treats, packed into a box for your dog to sniff through. Perfect for large dogs, avid chewers or dogs with limited physical activity – e.g. dogs on crate rest. This box contains lots of different flavors, scents, sizes and shapes for your dog to discover! Suitable for medium to large sized dogs. Natural treats are a great healthy snack between meals, provide enrichment and contribute to dental hygiene. The value of treats in the box will always equal or exceed what you pay for it.

If your pet has any specific needs or ailments, please let us know in the Customer Comment section and we will adjust the box to suit them

The €35 Natural Treat Box contains a mixed variety of some of the treats below: 

  •  Large Meat Sticks
  •  Large Pork Rolls
  •  Pigs Ears
  •  Cows Ears
  •  Cow Hooves 
  •  Beef Trachea
  •  Beef Cartilage 
  •  Beef Tendon
  •  Lamb Horns


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In stock

  • FREE Shipping over €60 (regular shipping €8)
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