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Trixie Cat Activity Strategy Game

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Trixie Cat Activity Strategy Game


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Especially indoor cats need a lot of activity. In addition to physical activity such as climbing around on cat trees or climbing elements, scratching, running, jumping or other activities, the cat’s mind can also be challenged and stimulated, e.g. through strategy games.

What do strategy games for cats do?

With these cat games, the pet is challenged to get her own reward. To get the snacks, the cat has to solve small tasks using her paws and mouth. This trains the cat’s dexterity and strengthens the bond between cat and owner when they playing together. Our games ensure a varied daily routine and can also be used for the daily feeding. The cat has to work for her food, which leads to a more controlled food intake.

How do strategy games for cats work?

The principle of the games is always similar: treats or food are hidden in recesses, behind sliders or under balls. Using various sensory organs and the dexterity of their paws, the cat must find and get the reward. The strategy games are suitable for cats of all ages and health conditions. Each product comes with instructions for the game, with tips and tricks for optimal training.

  •  game board with indentations and 5 ball-shaped covers
  •  non-slip due to rubber base ring
  •  plastic
  •  incl. training instructions
  • Measurements: 28cm


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In stock

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