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Trixie Play & Burrow Tower

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Trixie Play & Burrow Tower


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Features for Fun and Exercise:

  • Spacious Burrowing Area: Filled with bedding, the tower becomes a burrowing paradise, satisfying your pet’s natural digging instincts.
  • Multiple Levels and Entrances: Two entrances and a raised platform with an optional ladder encourage climbing and exploration, promoting healthy exercise.
  • Safe and Secure Design: Made from natural, gnaw-friendly wood, the tower offers a safe and stimulating environment for chewing. The raised rim around the entrance helps prevent bedding from spilling out.
  • Reduced Boredom: Keeps your pet mentally stimulated and prevents cage boredom.
  • Species-Appropriate Behavior: Encourages natural burrowing and climbing behaviors, promoting well-being.
  • An acrylic window allows you to observe your pet’s playful antics inside the tower.

Available in a size suitable for hamsters and mice.

We put a lot of emphasis on the health of your pet. For this reason, our articles are made of softwoods without resin channels, as resin can be toxic for some animals. The woods we use do not resinate and are also dried thoroughly before processing. The glue we use is also non-toxic for animals.


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In stock

  • FREE Shipping over €60 (regular shipping €8)
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