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Viyo Renafelin 4x51fl / 150ml

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Viyo Renafelin 4x51fl / 150ml


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Highly palatable nutritional drink, supporting renal health in cats.

  • Phosphate binders
  • Prebiotic fibres
  • Increased potassium + artichoke extract
  • Cranberry extract

Viyo Renafelin is a nutritional supplement to help support kidney function and limit phosphorus absorption in cats. The product contains Calcium Carbonate, which has the characteristic to naturally bind phosphorus, thereby reducing the uptake of phosphorus in the diet. Restricting dietary phosphorus is known to help protect the kidneys in cats with chronic kidney (renal) disease.

The liquid formulation supports fast and efficient absorption of all ingredients in the intestines. The high palatability maximizes the spontaenous uptake of the product, providing comfort to both pet and parent. Renafelin contains prebiotic fibres as well as all essential nutrients.

Dosage: 20ml per day – product contains one month supply.


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In stock

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