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Barkin Bistro | Pork 80-10-10 400g


A fabulous single protein complete meal with locally sourced pork containing 80% pork meat, 10% pork bone and 10% offal. Great for dogs with allergies or on an elimination diet.

Pork is highly digestible, which is an excellent option if your dog experiences bloating, constipation or loose stools.

Pork is an excellent source of amino acids, perfect for dog nutrition. Pork is also rich in thiamine, an essential mineral used in cell-function. Thiamine is also used to help convert food into energy, allowing your dog to remain strong and energetic.

✅ 100% Natural Ingredients –Made in Northern Ireland
✅ Single protein
✅ Very digestible
✅ Grain Free
✅ No additives or preservatives
✅ Human quality ingredients
✅ Clearly Labelled

Ingredients: 20% Pork meat, 20% Pork lung, 20% Pork tongue, 20% Pork heart, 10% Pork Neck, 5% Pork Liver, 5% Pork kidney

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