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Beaphar CaniComfort Calming Spray 30ml


Calming spray for stressful situations. The pheromone used in CaniComfort is a clinically proven, simple and effective solution to calm dogs and help reduce unwanted behavior – can be used in stressful situations such as travel, vet visits, grooming etc. 

A 30ml bottle produces approx. 214 sprays. Use approx. 9 sprays per application. The effects of CaniComfort Calming Spray are visible for approx. 5 hours. 

Composition: Dog Appeasing Pheromone analogue 2%, Isopropanol q.s. 30ml

  • Before use, spray on an inconspicuous area to check for colour fastness
  • Spray in the car or dog crate 15 mins before use
  • Spray on all objects in contact with your dog (lead, basket), on furniture or on new objects to avoid unwanted behavior

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