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SKU: slsa

Flamingo Small Animal Extra Fine Silica Litter 360g


Granules that absorbs urine, neutralises odours, easy to use, made of 100% natural resources, biodegradable, antibacterial, economical and low-dust/suitable for those with allergies! The silica granules absorb liquids and odours reliably within a few seconds. 

  • Economical litter 
  • Absorbs odours reliably 
  • Absorbs liquids in seconds

Warning: Due to the absorbent, sticky nature of Silica, we would advise customers to supervise all small animals when using this product for the first time as the animal may attempt to lick the granules to investigate. If ingested, silica is not toxic but the animal must have access to fresh drinking water as it could pose a dehydration risk. Silica litter is not intended to cover the entire base of the cage, rather confined to an appropriately sized litter tray.

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