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Fluval Internal Filter U1


Offering outstanding 3-stage filtration, increased water movement and vital aeration, Fluval U-Series internal filters are the perfect solution where external filtration is not possible.

The Fluval Underwater Filter filters are designed to work with Fluval’s Underwater Filter range and provides high-performance mechanical, chemical and biological filtration for your aquarium. The filter media effectively removes debris, particles and other contaminants from the water, while chemical filter media eliminates dissolved toxins and discoloration. And the biological filter media promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that break down harmful ammonia and nitrites.

These filters are suitable for both fresh and saltwater aquariums and are available in different sizes to fit your aquarium needs. With Fluval Underwater Filter filters, you can be sure that your fish and plants will thrive in a clean and healthy environment.

U1 = up to 55 Lt (250 L/H)

U2 = up to 110 Lt (400 L/H)

U3 = up to 150 Lt (600 L/H)

U4 = up to 240 Lt (1000 L/H)

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