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Johnson’s Anti-Chew Training Spray 150ml


Johnson’s Anti-Chew Training Spray for puppies, dogs & cats. Contains Bitrex, a bitter tasting yet harmless substance which helps protect pets by training them not to chew/scratch furnishings and other household items. Also helps protect pets from self-harm such as biting/chewing their coat, fur or wound-licking.

Chewing is a natural instinct for puppies and young dogs, it is necessary for jaw and teeth development. Older dogs need to chew to clean teeth and gums but may develop a chewing habit due to boredom or separation anxiety when left alone. Plenty of outdoor exercise is essential to burn off excess energy, along with toys, bones to chew. 

  • Helps deter destructive chewing
  • Deters self harm
  • Bitter tasting but harmless to pets

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