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Trixie Adjustable Car Guard


The Trixie Car Dog Guard ensures that you, your passengers and your pets can travel safely. The  Guard fixes to the headrests of your car. It is made from aluminium, a strong but light metal and it is easy to install and to remove again. You can adjust the width and height of the guard, to ensure the perfect fit in your car. The clever installation method means that you are still able to use the entire loading space in your boot.

  • Lightweight but very stable: aluminium bars, easy to install and remove when not in use
  • Safety when travelling: helps to protect people and pets when in the car
  • Fully adjustable: in width and height, so that it is the perfect fit in your car
  • Space-saving: lets you use the entire loading area of your boot
  • Colour: aluminium, black
  • Material: aluminium, plastic
  • Dimensions: Measurements width: 85–140cm, height: 75–110cm

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