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VetIQ Lawn Burn Solution Green-Um | x100 Tablets


VetIQ Green-UM Lawn Burn Solution Tablets for Dogs can be used to prevent lawn burn. Green UM has been specially formulated with a natural plant extract, which helps bind the ammonia present in pet waste.

It contains no chemicals, colour additives and preservatives and does not alter urinary pH or has any effect on kidney function.

VetIQ Green-UM Tablets are a totally natural product which can be given to your dog on a regular basis and will help keep your garden lush and thriving.

VetIQ Green-UM Tablets neutralize the potential for high pH urine that can damage grass. By feeding Green-UM the pH of the dog’s urine should fall within a level that does not contribute to lawn burn.

Use Green-UM tablets with a protein controlled diet for best results.

Pets Weight Range Formulation Dosage
0 – 10Kgs (0 – 22lbs) 1 Tablet Daily
11 – 20Kgs (23 – 44lbs) 2 Tablets Daily
21 – 30Kgs (45 – 66lbs) 3 Tablets Daily
31 – 40Kgs – (67 – 88lbs) 4 Tablets Daily
41 – 50Kgs – (89 – 110lbs) 5 Tablets Daily
51 – 60Kgs – (111 – 132lbs) 6 Tablets Daily

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