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The Puppy Box

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The Puppy Box

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The Puppy Box contains a mix of hand picked products, tried and tested by our customers that puppies LOVE, hand packed and made in store! This selection is a great starter pack to engage your puppies brain while satisfying their licking and chewing needs with tasty treats.

We included a lick mat as they are such a great aid for keeping pup busy, helping them to wind down and relax. We included two flavours of Steamed Herbafix Sausage 200g which you can spread over the lick mat (or any paste/liquid – natural yoghurt, raw food, bone broth etc works too!). Herbafix Steamed Sausage are a superb product and recommended by many dog trainers as a high value treat for rewarding – it’s great to have on hand for puppies as can be used for lick mats, training or to mix with their kibble when weaning.

The box also contains toys of different textures to help puppy figure out what they like and a chewy toy made of bamboo fibre, which is ecofriendly and keeps the teeth busy while acting like a toothbrush. To also aid the teeth we included beef gullet, small meat stick and small beef trachea. Gullet is a total hit with puppies, it’s soft for their baby teeth whilst also VERY tasty and chewy. Small meat sticks are a little bit more robust to keep them chewing for longer, trachea is a multipurpose treat as you can give as is or fill, freeze and then feed for extra fun!

Box also contains pack of handy, small puppy treats perfect for sticking in the pocket and reward training!

The Puppy Box contains:

  • A TPR Lick Mat
  • x2 Fresh Steamed Herbafix Sausage 200g
  • x3 Beef Gullet
  • x1 Small Meat Stick (Beef Head Skin)
  • x1 Small Trachea
  • x1 Pack of Training Treats
  • x1 Flamingo Bamboo T Bone Small
  • x1 Braided Rope Dummy


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